About Us

The Canadian Innovation Centre (CIC)  is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs transform their ideas into market successes.  Since its founding over 35 years ago, the Centre has provided its expertise to over 20,000 innovators and their companies.

A Leader In Innovation for Over 35 Years

The CIC has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in Canada, designing programs to foster the development of innovative new businesses and increased innovation in existing businesses.  This impact has been recognized by both international awards, government engagement and tens of thousands of clients who have accessed us for help.

Providing Guidance and Assistance

The Centre has significant experience working with enterprises all sizes, providing training, guidance and assistance.   Our proven proprietary services have been developed based on our research and our direct experience with front line innovators.  Our experience and insights direct efforts and investment towards the successful development and introduction of innovation.

Why Innovators Choose the CIC

Proprietary Approach – Trusted Expertise – Proven Results

  1. Resourceful

    As an independent organization, we have unique access to a pool of talent with depth of experience across a wide cross-section of sectors, as well as confidential market and technology databases.

  2. Experienced

    Founded over 35 years ago and recognized with the Manning Award for outstanding work, we serve as the Canadian repository with respect to commercialization, gathering and disseminating best and emerging practices.

  3. Specialized

    Powered by the in-house technology focused team complimented with associates across Canada, all our studies stress standardized, market-driven data collection followed up by an intensive peer review.

  4. Understanding

    In addition to being affordable, we are intimately familiar with the challenges faced by our clients and ensure that our work reflects the unique strengths of the individual innovation as well as the innovator.

  5. Linked In

    We offer clients the opportunity to leverage our established network of associations and individuals to search for and connect with potential partners, vendors and customers.

  6. Trusted

    We fiercely maintain our independence and freedom to report; as such our findings are of value not only to the entrepreneur but also to any potential partners and financiers who can be confident of our recommendations.

  7. Successful

    Our proprietary approach to new venture analysis has been recognized internationally and our recommendations validated to have an accuracy above 80%; a performance that is lauded as “impressive” in a study from University of Toronto.

A Brief History of the Canadian Innovation Centre


Canadian Innovation Centre founded within the University of Waterloo


Canadian Innovation Centre spun out as independent entity


Working with BlackBerry (then Research In Motion) on their innovative device


Anchor tenant at the Accelerator Centre as it opens its doors in the David Johnston Research & Technology Park in Waterloo


Launch VentureStart program, facilitating investment and guiding entrepreneurs


Provide expertise to start ups as part of the AC JumpStart funding and mentoring program, in conducting Market Evaluation Validation studies to help entrepreneurs achieve success with their ventures

21086Ideas Assessed
80Percentage Predictability of Future Success
20Million Dollars Facilitated in Government Investment in Start Ups

At the Nexus of Industry, Government and Academia

In addition to its work with the private sector, the Canadian Innovation Centre is deeply involved with academia and government. The Centre works with leading Canadian universities in the areas of innovation education and the commercialization of research. The CIC also works with government by giving guidance and insight to Canadian policy makers interested in driving innovation forward.

The Canadian Innovation Centre is based in Waterloo Ontario, long recognized as one of the country’s premier hotbeds of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our independent, multidisciplinary team stands ready to guide your innovation to market. We invite you to explore this website to learn more about our services and to see the many free resources available.

Maximize Your Chance for Innovation Success

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