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Opportunity Maximization Assessment

Maximize distribution opportunities, ready for licensing and secure your IP.
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Designed for existing businesses nearing completion of development, the Opportunities Maximization (OM) assessment examines the issues of licensing position, distribution and channel to market strategies, OEM opportunities and requirements, and end-user information expectations. The outcome of this assignment provides a report that paints a clear picture of sophisticated marketplace dynamics and suggests ways to present your product (or service) to meet the needs of distributing partners as well.

A well-conceived product or service may find itself unable to realize its full revenue potential if concerns of the other parties in the supply chain are not taken into consideration. Busy companies often leave this as an afterthought only to find they are struggling to get the product into the best sales channel. If you are a small, new firm and you lack an industry insider in your team, you are especially vulnerable to this problem.

Supported by primary research at the distributor, licensee and OEM level, the OM contains answers, insight and a To-Do list focusing on maximizing sales opportunities in conjunction with peripheral customer and distributor satisfaction issues. The standard turnaround time is six to eight weeks, with the option to divide the task into smaller, multiple studies that better suits your requirement.

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