Our Team

Josie Graham
CEO and Director, Projects and Studies
Organized and Enthusiastic... Josie’s optimistic persistent personality will drive any project forward at a rapid but well-ordered manner.
Andrew Maxwell
CIO and Director, Partner Relations
Entrepreneurship and innovation leader... Andrew's deep knowledge and expertise in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship allow him to contribute to any organizations innovation agenda. His experience and desire to help others grow has led to his outstanding reputation as an innovator and teacher, and advisor.
Jonathan Grover
Product Manager
Creativity, Integrity, Perspective, Analysis... Jonathan brings to a diverse technical and business background across a variety of industries to the work he undertakes for CIC.
E.B. (Ted) Cross
Experience, Wisdom... Ted's background, network and experience provide him with a valuable tool kit that he leverages for all the work CIC's undertakes.
Gordon Varney
Business Analyst
Activator, Arranger and Connector – very strong organizer embracing agility and flexibility. Gordon thinks holistically. He sees there are inevitably links between all things, finds them and puts them to work.