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Innovate or die!

Drastic, perhaps, but that’s the mantra of leading organizations in today’s dynamic and competitive world. If you are not innovating and providing new values for your customers, then someone else is. While innovating may seem risky (and it is), the real question is what is the risk of not innovating.

The Canadian Innovation Centre has been at the forefront of fostering innovation in Canada for over 35 years.  Our innovation management experience allows us to work with organizations of all sizes to stimulate the innovation imperative and catalyze the innovation process within the organization through leveraging innovation tools and deploying innovation best practices.

Working with companies, and through ongoing research, the Canadian Innovation Centre can help your organization respond to the need for innovation by identifying areas within your organization that are most likely to benefit from implementing innovative practices, whether this is to build revenues or enhance productivity. The Centre helps organizations identify the barriers to innovation within the organizations, and building on existing organization strengths, we suggest ways to overcome the barriers.

Engaging with the Canadian Innovation Centre can be through participating in our multi-client workshops, executive round-tables or formal innovation management programs (in conjunction with U of T’s School for Continuing Studies). Alternatively, the Centre can provide in-house briefings to your key executives, facilitate town hall meetings or work with your company to implement an Inno-Gate™ innovation process.

Customized Assistance to Enhance Company Innovation Performance

Our customized Innovation Management Workshops can help your company evangelize the need for innovations, stimulate the ideation process and foster cultural change that will allow innovation to thrive in your company. Our Inno-Gate™ implementation process is a more formal approach, which involves several engagements with your company, during which innovation barriers and objectives are identified, assessment tools and innovation management processes are deployed, and innovation initiatives and outcomes are broadly communicated.

Our Learning Centre offers innovation education and training programs as well as a library of free white-papers, videos, presentations, and other resources that address the challenges corporate innovators face on their quest for innovation excellence.

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The Canadian Innovation Centre has a wide range of services to help entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors transform their ideas into reality.