Recapture those customers that got away

Lost Order Analysis

Unique synthesis of customer feedback for regaining and protecting market share.
Indispensable information for overcoming your rivals

The unique third party vantage point offered by the Centre, combined with over 35 years of experience of incisive analysis, provides you with an objective view of the reasons orders are won and lost and thus it helps companies to quickly adapt their approaches as needed. The report is ready within eight to ten weeks; the client may wish to follow up with a Technology Market Alignment or Opportunities Maximization Assessment should re-development be indicated.

Feedback is integral to any business improvement process. None is more critical to the survival of your company than that available from customers, whether actual or lost. Information from both following the sales cycle, can provide important insights and a much needed reality check. Frequently, businesses launching new products are not clear on why customer adoption is such an issue and have limited resources to find out.

Promising opportunities and key buying propositions can be identified from the reasons given by customers who bought your innovative product, yet more valuable data and greater insight can often be gleaned by interviewing those customers that did not. It is often difficult for the you to find out the reasons for these lost orders, either because asking for this information can be difficult, or the customer does not provide the real reason.

CIC experts can extract this information, without the biases inherent in collecting this data using internal resources. The Lost Order Analysis (LOA) covers the post-purchase insights and addresses the reasons why orders are won or lost from the customer’s perspective. The LOA is supplemented by secondary research and an in-house review, cumulating in a full report with recommendations on how to build on previous successes or address shortcomings.

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