Andrew Maxwell

Andrew’s unique background in engineering (Imperial College, London)  and business (London Business School) has led him to a unique understanding of the challenges of technology innovation and entrepreneurship, which has led to a 15 year career in technology multinationals, before starting his own technology ventures. His experiences at the University of Toronto’s Innovation Foundation stimulated his interest in better understanding the difference between success and failure in entrepreneurial ventures, as well as transforming how entrepreneurship and innovation is encouraged at universities.  This led him to complete a PhD at the University of Waterloo, where he also technology entrepreneurship, in the process winning the Heizer award for the top entrepreneurship Ph.D. and encouraging more than 40 of his students to start their own ventures.    

Andrew has been involved in developing and enhancing many of the tools offered by the CIC, such as the CFA and InnoGate, and regularly uses these when he engages with a variety of clients, from new ventures to established companies, from government policy makers to universities. Andrew is in demand as a public speaker on a global basis, as well as a highly rated professor of entrepreneurial engineering at the Lassonde School of Engineering.  Most of his research is developed from his direct experiences in working with client companies.