CFA Snapshot


A free online tool for entrepreneurs that lets you self-assess your venture against the 8 overall factors for venture success. This is ideal for those who just want a quick feedback on their venture to see how it compares. The feedback can be the basis for re-thinking your original idea or progressing it to the next stage.

  1. General Details
    The CFA Snapshot is a free online tool for entrepreneurs that lets you self-assess your venture against the 8 most critical factors for venture success.

    The CFA Snapshot is a simplified version of our flagship Critical Factor Assessment (CFA) service. The CFA Full Assessment is an assessment of your venture by experts against the 42 criteria that our research shows are important factors affecting venture success.

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  2. CFA – an aid to increasing the likelihood of venture success
    The CFA Full Assessment has a very impressive track record at predicting the success or failure of a venture. An independent study by the University of Toronto found that ventures that have scored well on a CFA have an 80% success rate at getting to market. On the other hand, when a CFA has identified critical gaps in one or more of areas, these ventures have a failure rate of approximately 80%. More importantly, the CFA provides guidance on how to address critical gaps and increase the likelihood of venture success.
  3. CFA Snapshot – a free, online mini-CFA
    The CFA Snapshot is a self-assessment of your venture against the 8 factors that our research shows are most critical for venture success. It provides some of the benefits of the CFA Full Assessment, but condensed to 8 key areas you assess on your own in a free real-time online format. There is no pass or fail, but the questions asked in the self-assessment will give you food for thought on areas that you should work on to strengthen your venture. In addition to providing a summarized assessment, the report offers general guidance on the most common ways to address any critical gaps identified in your venture.
  4. Evaluate your market-readiness, identify gaps to address
    The CFA Snapshot tool can help early stage entrepreneurs evaluate at a very early stage an idea’s readiness to move forward.  Identifying and addressing critical gaps early can increase your likelihood of success and help you avoid costly problems.