Take aim at the target

Technology Market Alignment

Align product features to buyer’s needs, and business resources to suit market posture.
Valuable insight for complete solution development

Ideal for both an existing or a new company starting its development work, the Technology Market Alignment (TMA) examines the unmet needs of your customer – specifically the functions which products and services currently available lack; the TMA investigates interoperability requirements and the business challenges en route to market as well as competitor strengths and weaknesses. The result is a set of robust recommendations on how to align development and business efforts to satisfy customer demand.

Once first customers have been identified and the value proposition for them laid out, the next step is to confirm that the features set being built in to the product or service are truly relevant for your customer. Not only would this reduce avoidable headaches and delay in the final development phase, but it would also clarify the ROI for customers and allow for compression of the selling cycle.  It looks at how best to position your product or service.

Enabled largely by primary and supported by secondary research, the former taken with purchasing decision makers at a senior level with which CIC has unique access, the TMA stands above other studies of the same class in terms of quality and reliability of information. The written report, delivered in six to eight weeks, provides the basis for decision making as well as investor confidence in the venture.

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