Innovators Assistance Program

Focused mentorship, flexible arrangement, experienced business companion along the path. Perfect for growth and dealing with the unexpected.


Make sense of it all with an experienced mentor

Tailored to meet each unique situation, the IAP mentor works with the client in a hands-on relationship to provide guidance on commercialization and thus imparting his or her battle-borne experience to enable quicker and easier learning. Typically the process begins with a Critical Factors Assessment or a Market Evaluation Validation followed by bi-weekly face-to-face or web-based meetings over three to six months with the option to suspend or extend based on developments or client requirements. A summary of achievements, such as recommendations and resultant actions taken, is provided at the end.

The Innovator’s Assistance Program (IAP) is a business mentorship service specifically designed to guide early stage new ventures or existing companies with a new idea through business hurdles. This is ideal for entrepreneurs seeking guidance covering issues large and small not easily contained within any single assessment product and who prefer building their initiatives with the help of an experienced team or team member through a trusted, long-term relationship based on regular contact.

To reap the full benefit of the partnership, consistency and preparation from the client’s behalf are essential, as each new discussion will include updates on items previously discussed. Everyone can benefit from having a reliable sounding board, a new connection in their network and sometimes just emotional support. To any innovator, but especially to those without bosses and staff, the Innovator’s Assistance Program is a great way to make sense of it all.

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