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Entry-to-Market Factors Assessment

Be prepared to meet the demands of the first customers, and demands on capital.
Critical intelligence for supporting commercial launch

The Entry to Market Factors (EMF) is ideal for firms launching or who have recently launched an innovative product or service. The analysis covers the following four areas: early adopters vs. mainstream market, information for raising capital, first customer support and next version planning. The EMF assessments are typically completed eight to ten weeks from the date of commission, buttressed by in depth primary and secondary research and confirmed by an in-house review.

Managing the launch of a technological innovation is often the difference between gaining the strategic advantages of being the first-mover or suffering disadvantages for the same. Even companies that enjoy a successful launch may find themselves unable to penetrate the greater market, having misallocated resources due to not understanding the behaviours of early adopters versus mainstream customers.

You can rely on the clarity of insight and recommendations of our assessment to guide your activities as you progress along the adoption curve, carefully managing the successful launch into a sustainable business.

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