CFA Snapshot Self Assessment

This self‐assessment is designed to give you quick feedback on your project or business idea. The questions are designed to help you weigh your project or business idea to see how it compares and stands up against other opportunities. Once you have completed this self‐assessment, you can use it as a basis for re‐thinking your original idea or progressing it to the next stage.

Please remember there is no pass or fail and the overall score does not matter. What does matter is how you address each of the areas that require attention. Each factor has been rated on a three point scale A through C, with a plus (+) or minus (‐) used to further moderate a rating.

Ideally, you should find ways to move C ratings to B or even A ratings but you should be aware, that it isn’t always possible.

Please note that while the ratings change for each situation and some factors may be less relevant or irrelevant to your innovation, the descriptions for each of these 8 critical factors do not.

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