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It takes more than a great idea to make it to market successfully.

It takes a plan, a team, money… and it takes know-how.

Statistically, most new ventures fail, and not because they are bad ideas. Often, a lack of entrepreneurial skills and experience makes the critical difference.

The Canadian Innovation Centre has assisted thousands of entrepreneurs and innovators with the commercialization process. We understand the process of taking new product to market. We know the many pitfalls along the way, and more valuable still, we know how they can be avoided. The Canadian Innovation Centre has the services, tools and resources that can help you move your venture along the commercialization path.

Here’s how to start:

  • Visit The 8 Biggest Hurdles for Entrepreneurs and Innovators to learn how to determine if there are critical gaps threatening the success of your venture
  • Checkout the Commercialization Roadmap to learn about the portfolio of Canadian Innovation Centre services that can help you move along the path to market launch
  • Explore the Learning Centre to see the wide range of education programs and materials that can help you equip yourself for the challenges ahead
  • Learn about the practical Tools and guides that can help you develop your venture

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The Canadian Innovation Centre has a wide range of services to help entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors transform their ideas into reality.

If you are an intrapreneur within a corporation (as opposed to an entrepreneur launching a new venture) and you are looking to launch new products, these resources apply to you as well.
Also, be sure to check out our Services for Corporate Innovators to learn how to harness the power of innovation in your company.