Practical programs and resources to save you from learning the hard way

Entrepreneur Training

For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs require a very practical understanding of how to start and run a business.  Unless you are a successful serial entrepreneur, chances are you don’t have all the necessary knowledge and skills.  You could acquire them through experience, but that is risky and takes precious time.

The Canadian Innovation Centre’s entrepreneur training programs can accelerate your learning, helping you avoid costly mistakes.

In addition, we have a library of free whitepapers, videos, presentations, and other resources that address the challenges entrepreneurs face on their  journey to the marketplace.

Education and Training Programs

Business Skills for Entrepreneurs: A new program to help entrepreneurs develop the business skills required to succeed.
Workshops: In-person workshops or live webinars on key entrepreneurship topics.
Custom Programs: Designed to meet your organization’s specific needs.
Partner Programs: See the programs offered by partner organizations such as the University Of Toronto School Of Continuing Studies or the GoForth institute.

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The Canadian Innovation Centre has a wide range of services to help entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors transform their ideas into reality.