Certificate in Business Innovation

The University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies and the Canadian Innovation Centre present the Certificate in Business Innovation

Through the best practices of innovation management, organizations can foster a culture that supports the methodical coordination of human capital, resources, information, and knowledge to transform new ideas into successful products, processes and services.

This original program is designed to enable participants to understand the tools, methods and techniques used in innovation management. Each of its courses will include lectures by experienced instructors, review and discussions of case studies, and presentations by guest speakers who have managed interesting and exciting innovation challenges.

The Certificate in Innovation Management consists of three courses:

1) Foundations of Business Innovation

2) The Tools and Techniques of Business Innovation

3) Business InnovationĀ Applications

Foundations of Business Innovation

Participants will learn about various dimensions and phases of the innovation process and explore its place in business and public organizations. The focus will be on the value generated by innovation and its implications in private business as well as in public institutions. This course covers the foundation topics in innovation management, providing the prerequisites for the next two courses in the program.

This course qualifies for 36 PDUs.

Foundations of Business Innovation Course Outline

The Tools and Techniques of Innovation Management

This course will address innovation in the “front-end” of commercialization, and /or public service provisionĀ  and will cover topics related to strategic problem definition, idea generation, idea selection, the scientific methods to accelerate discovery and test hypotheses, voice of the customer or stakeholder, product portfolio planning and product architectures. Application of innovation concepts, tools and methods in different areas (product, process, service) will be discussed through lectures, case studies and guest speakers.

This course qualifies for 36 PDUs.

Innovation Management Applications

Addressing innovation in the “back-end” of commercialization and/or service delivery, this course extends from design and development to customer or stakeholders support. It will cover topics related to innovation management in building and leading effective design and development teams as well as incorporating innovation for “production” environments, whether they are manufacturing, service or transactional. As in the previous course, lectures, case studies and guest speakers will be utilized to convey and illustrate the content.

This course qualifies for 36 PDUs.

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