Finding the Pot of Gold: Mining Your Market Potential

Focus your business on the best opportunities

A wise person once said that we are all confronted by insurmountable opportunity.  This is certainly true for many tech companies.  To seize opportunity requires focus and to apply focus you must decide what you will focus on.  But how do you decide?  For many, this decision is overwhelming and the opportunities are lost.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way.  An objective, fact-based “Market Validation” will help you to analyze the potential risks and rewards of the market opportunities available to you.  This quick and cost-effective exercise can help you determine the most attractive options for your company.

This whitepaper examines how to analyze your opportunity spaces and determine the best strategy for your company.

This document was based on a session from the Ready Set Grow series of free educational webinars for entrepreneurs produced jointly by the Canadian Innovation Centre and the Technology Marketing Resource Centre.

Ready Set Grow Whitepaper – Finding the Pot of Gold