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How Much is Your Pre-Revenue Company Worth? (article)

The issue of valuing pre-revenue companies is often raised when entrepreneurs are looking for external investment. Unfortunately, it is more of an art than of a science. There are formulae that can be used to provide a company valuation, but these generally just provide a base number from which negotiation can start and most of these valuation techniques limit the potential upside of the venture. Ultimately, about 50% of the businesses that receive investment offers turn them down, as they cannot agree on company valuation.

This paper looks at alternate methods of calculating the value of a pre-revenue company and provides tips for entrepreneurs as they prepare to negotiate with potential investors.

How Much is Your Pre Revenue Company Worth


Harness the Power of Networking to Grow Your Business (whitepaper)

To a small business, personal networks are one of the most valuable assets. But how do we develop our networks? And how do we best utilize them?

Some people are natural networkers however, many of us are not.  As well, there are a dizzying number of networking tools available.  Fortunately, there are best practices in networking for business growth and these techniques and tools can be employed effectively by most business people.

This whitepaper looks at how to expand your network and how to use it to grow your business by using both online tools and face-to-face interactions. 

This document was based on a session from the Ready Set Grow series of free educational webinars for entrepreneurs produced jointly by the Canadian Innovation Centre and the Technology Marketing Resource Centre.

Harness the Power of Networking to Grow Your Business (whitepaper)