Tools For Entrepreneurs

Resources to help with your Go-To-Market journey

The Innovation Centre has developed a portfolio of online tools, “How To” guides and other valuable resources to help entrepreneurs with their market entry challenges.

Online Tools:

Ask the Expert - Our free online Canadian Innovator Assistor tool allows you to get your question answered by a qualified subject matter expert.   Or, browse our  Expert Answers Database .  Cost:  FREE

CFA Snapshot – this simplified free online version of our flagship Critical Factor Assessment service allows you to conduct a self-assessment of your venture against the 8 most critical success factors.  Cost:  FREE

CFA SnapshotPlus -   this value-added version of the CFA Snapshot includes a review of your venture by a qualified expert.  Cost:  $495

“How-To” Guides

The Essentials:

First Steps for Entrepreneurs and Innovators (presentation) – Got an idea for a new product or service, but don’t know what to do about it?  Start here.

Business Plan Basics (Presentation) – Every new venture needs a business plan to get off the ground.  Here’s how to get started.

Financing Your New Venture (Presentation) – Does your new business needs money to grow?  Learn how to find the funding you need.

Validating the Market for Your New Ventures (Presentation) – Objective market research is critical to understanding your customers and your competitors.  Learn how to get cost-effective access to the information you need.

Click here for a full list.

Other Resources:

Be sure to also visit our  Learning Centre For Entrepreneurs for access to our collection of whitepapers, articles and presentations.

Click  here for links to the websites of other organizations that can useful provide tools and information.