CFA Snapshot Plus

Quick, affordable expert feedback on your venture

The CFA Snapshot Plus is an online tool for entrepreneurs that provides a concise expert assessment of your venture against the 8 most critical factors for venture success.

The CFA Snapshot and CFA Snapshot Plus are simplified versions of our flagship Critical Factor Assessment (CFA) Full Assessment service.  The CFA Full Assessment involves an assessment of your venture by experts against the 42 criteria that our research shows are important factors affecting venture success.

The CFA Full Assessment identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your venture.  It also identifies critical gaps and provides recommendations on how to address them.  The CFA Full Assessment has a very impressive track record at predicting the success or failure of a venture, and moreover, our research has shown that addressing the critical gaps identified in a CFA Full Assessment study significantly increases the likelihood of venture success.

Receive personalized feedback on your market-readiness

The CFA Snapshot Plus is a simplified version of our Critical Factor Assessment Full Assessment service.   It is similar to the free CFA Snapshot tool, which allows you to self-assess your venture but with the CFA SnapshotPlus,  instead of conducting a self-assessment, you provide us information about your idea and you will get feedback from an expert against the 8 factors that our research shows are most critical for venture success.

This tool can help early stage entrepreneurs evaluate their readiness to move forward.  Identifying and addressing critical gaps early can increase your likelihood of success.

The CFA Snaphot Plus costs $495 plus HST.

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Do you want a more detailed and personalized assessment?  Check out our Critical Factors Assessment service ($1395 plus HST).

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