Building your Web Marketing Skills

By John Foreman.   The Internet is a primary marketing channel for young companies, but Internet marketing tools and techniques are still relatively new and constantly changing. The leaders of start-ups and rapidly growing companies need to stay current with the most effective practices in this rapidly developing field.  Practical experience is hard to beat, but […]

Forming partnerships – the key to innovation

By Andrew Maxwell. I met with a very successful engineering products company this week. They challenged me to identify how innovation could help them to grow their business and explained their strategy was primarily organic growth rather than acquisition. Categorizing growth as organic or acquisition can limit the potential for rapid growth – although I […]

Cash Flow Tips for Start-up Entrepreneurs

By Andrew Maxwell At a recent Tie Quest Institute event I was asked to talk about business economics and specifically about financial aspects of the business start-up. The entrepreneurs in the class had been exposed to the idea of doing detailed cash flow forecasts in previous classes I realized that the importance of cash flow […]

Innovation and the IT Organization

By John Foreman.     IT organizations have a very special role to play in a company’s innovation strategy.  Virtually any innovation that a company may introduce, be it a new product or service, a new business model or an operational process change, requires involvement from the IT team.  Sometimes, IT is an enabler – a […]

Serial Entrepreneur, Marcel Lebrun to speak at CIX 2011

By: Adam Vrankulj I recently read a book that takes place in the near future. It was about people who grew tired of the wasteful industrial cookie-cutter manufacturing we’re used to today, and the steps they took to re-define design and realize a modern sustainable living community of active innovators to breathe new life into […]

Carry a Board of Directors in your Pocket!

By: Shantanu Mittal A new book by James Bowen talks about the ‘Entrepreneurial Effect’ in the Waterloo region. ‘The Entrepreneurial Effect: Waterloo’ contains a collection of articles and wisdom of over 30 people on how to launch a company in the Waterloo region. Waterloo is Canada’s hotbed for innovation and the Canadian Innovation Centre is […]

Best Practices for Enterprise Innovation

By John Foreman Mark Twain supposedly once commented that everybody talks about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it.  For many companies, you could substitute “Innovation” for “weather” and the same statement would apply.  It’s not that innovation isn’t important to them – everybody recognizes its importance to the success of the enterprise […]

Search and you shall find [naught, you hope]

By Jacob Drory Reasons My previous posting (Sept. 9) elaborated on the novelty and unobviousness criteria of patentability, both assessed by the Patent Office in consideration of what has already been known in the field of the invention and in related fields—the “prior art”.  Although technically an applicant is not required to conduct a prior […]

Whitepaper on Balancing Push and Pull Marketing

 Are you an order-taker or an evangelist?  The answer will affect the balance between push and pull in your marketing strategy. “Push” marketing is when you send your marketing message out to potential clients in the hopes of generating interest.  This is also called “interruption” marketing, because usually the client has not requested a […]

Patent ability meets patentability – novelty and unobviousness

By: Jacob Drory The statutory status of an invention and its utility, as discussed in my previous posting, are typically easy to ascertain. The applicability (inapplicability, one hopes) of patentability exclusions is also readily determined. What remains to be established is whether the invention is truly new and whether the inventive concept is likely to […]