Serial Entrepreneur, Marcel Lebrun to speak at CIX 2011

By: Adam Vrankulj I recently read a book that takes place in the near future. It was about people who grew tired of the wasteful industrial cookie-cutter manufacturing we’re used to today, and the steps they took to re-define design and realize a modern sustainable living community of active innovators to breathe new life into [...]

Carry a Board of Directors in your Pocket!

By: Shantanu Mittal A new book by James Bowen talks about the ‘Entrepreneurial Effect’ in the Waterloo region. ‘The Entrepreneurial Effect: Waterloo’ contains a collection of articles and wisdom of over 30 people on how to launch a company in the Waterloo region. Waterloo is Canada’s hotbed for innovation and the Canadian Innovation Centre is [...]

Search and you shall find [naught, you hope]

By Jacob Drory Reasons My previous posting (Sept. 9) elaborated on the novelty and unobviousness criteria of patentability, both assessed by the Patent Office in consideration of what has already been known in the field of the invention and in related fields—the “prior art”.  Although technically an applicant is not required to conduct a prior [...]

Patent ability meets patentability – novelty and unobviousness

By: Jacob Drory The statutory status of an invention and its utility, as discussed in my previous posting, are typically easy to ascertain. The applicability (inapplicability, one hopes) of patentability exclusions is also readily determined. What remains to be established is whether the invention is truly new and whether the inventive concept is likely to [...]

Network Building 101 – Attending a Networking Event Effectively

By: Lucy Keating What makes a networking event effective?  For most people and companies it is likely a combination of developing some useful contacts and gathering new or innovative ideas.  To get the most out of any event you need to invest some time in planning.  We usually look carefully at the presentations and workshops [...]

Patent ability meets patentability – statutory status & utility

By: Jacob Drory After thoughtful consideration of the practical limitations of patents and of their various benefits (the topic of my previous posting), one’s desire for a patent may be reaffirmed.  What then, should be one’s next step? Preparing and following through (“prosecuting”, in patent parlance) on a patent application is a costly, protracted pursuit [...]

Patent Protection Deconstructed

By Jacob Drory The granting of a patent, in formally recognizing one’s ingenuity and creativity and by enshrining one’s name (and intellectual legacy) for posterity in that great archive of human achievement—prosaically, the patent database—is often perceived as an ample return in itself for one’s inventive contribution and its disclosure.  Several, more concrete benefits are [...]

Network Building 101: Your 30 second speech

By: Lucy Keating When meeting someone for the first time, especially at a professional event, it’s useful to have a prepared personal introductory speech that lasts no more than 30 seconds.  Think of it as a 30 second commercial about you, your organization and the work you are doing. Occasionally people say they are not [...]

Networking 101 – Managing that First Impression

By Lucy Keating We’ve all heard that expression “you only get one chance to make a first impression”.  But did you know that when meeting a new person it takes less than 10 seconds for them to form their first impression of you?  Think about that for a moment; that means when you’re making a [...]

Introduction to the CIC Blog

I would like to welcome all our readers to the recently launched Innovation Centre blog. Yes, it is finally up and running and full of information for entrepreneurs and innovators looking to get views and opinions on practical issues they struggle with everyday. The blog will be the Innovation Centre’s portal for showcasing its programs [...]