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Resources to help you with the creation, commercialization and management of innovation.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to bring innovations to market, we can help you start or grow your business.  If you are a corporate innovator looking to help your company tap into the power of innovation, we can help you develop the programs and foster culture to succeed.

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The Canadian Innovation Centre offers practical, results-oriented services designed to address your key challenges.  Our services have been developed and honed through working with thousands of clients.  And as a not-for-profit organization, we offer our services at extremely competitive rates.

Check out our most popular services:

Critical Factor Assessment - an assessment of your venture against the 42 factors that our research shows are most critical to venture success.  The assessment examines factors for success and identifies any critical gaps.  There are three levels to choose from.

Market Evaluation Verification - a validation of the need for your product or service.  It looks at the impact of your technology, the business proposition and the dynamics of the market that answer the questions “where” and “why”.

Innovators Assistance Program - a hands-on mentoring partnership service for entrepreneurs and innovators designed specifically to help and guides early stage new ventures or existing companies with a new idea.

Corporate Innovation Management Workshops - helps you create the processes and culture that will allow innovation to thrive in your company.

Tools and Resources

The Canadian Innovation Centre has designed practical easy-to-use tools and other useful resources that can help you move your initiative ahead quickly and efficiently.

Have a look at our most-used tools and resources:

CFA Snapshot - a free online self-assessment of your venture against the 8 most critical success factors.

Ask the Expert -  a free on-line resource that gets you answers to your questions from qualified subject matter experts

We also have a library of helpful How-To Guides for entrepreneurs and innovators, including:

First Steps for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Business Plan Basics

Financing Your New Venture

Validating the Market for Your New Venture

Managing Innovation

Learning Centre

The Innovation Centre offers education and training programs for entrepreneurs and innovators, as well as a library of free resources.

Learn about our:

Learning Centre for Entrepreneurs

Learning Centre for Corporate Innovators

Library of free videos and webinars

Library of free whitepapers, articles and presentations

Innovation Community

The Innovation Centre is at the hub of the innovation community in Canada and beyond.

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